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Frederick Breuse International Breeding Farm

Who we are ?

The company F.B.I.B.F. was build by Martine Frédérick-Breuse and Philippe Frédérick in 2010.
F.B.I.B.F. is before all a family company having for goal international expansion.
This company have all the necessary qualities to produce the MUST of the pigeons.

The richness of this company is the pigeons themselves! A selection was made among various fanciers of exceptions of Belgium in order to keep only the best.
So over the years, a core of champions could be done on the breeding loft of F.B.I.B.F.
to produce pigeons FREDERICK of super quality!

Our objectives

F.B.I.B.F. wants

  • Continue to grow in a durable way in the future
  • Select “The best of the best”
  • Go to the highest level in all category (Sprint – Middle Long Distance – Long Distance – Extreme Long Distance)

Our criteria

Our selection criteria are :

  1. The origin : Only Top pigeons out of a family from international champion.

    Our strain is based on pigeons from Aelbrecht Marcel – ENGELS Jos & Jules –

  2. The feather : Must be silkiest as possible.
  3. The wing : This one must have all qualities for an optimal flight!
    According to the distance:
    • Sprint Pigeons : Shorter back-wing, with less bearing pressure.
    • Long Distance Pigeons : Larger back-wing, more ventilation.
  4. The back : Very strong back body specially for the cocks.
  5. The eye : the stock pigeons we follow the theory of Rob Woolliss.
    For the racing pigeons, the only judge is the basket.
  6. Health : Strong selection must be done to have a very good health.
    Only pigeons with great resistance and super health is keep for breeding.
Philippe & Martine Frédérick, pigeons fanciers since 5 generations, could carry out a selection of super SPRINTERS.
(3 times National Champion Sprint B.D.S. – 3 times Runner Up National Champion Sprint B.D.S. and
10 Times in the National Championship K.B.D.B.)
But also to get top quality of pigeons for categories of Middle Long and of Long distance.

Our References

Another asset of the F.B.I.B.F. are their fantastic references.
Here some of these references =>

  • RODRIGUEZ Paulo & RODRIGUEZ Ruï (Portugal )National Champion in Portugal.
  • TRASZKA Marek (Poland).
  • OLTEANU Cosmin.
If you wish to belong to these references, thank you to send your results by e-mail to us at this address :

Creators of the F.B.I.B.F.

Our real strong point is the feeling ! [...]

We cannot explain that with words but when I take a pigeon,
I can feel if the pigeon that I hold between my hands has the potential to become a great champion! [...]

Indeed, the long experience of Philippe Frédérick is an invaluable asset for this company F.B.I.B.F. .

I believe in this company and the quality of our pigeons achieve large things !
The determination and the work of managing F.B.I.B.F., true pillar founder, made possible
the existence even of this Company.

The fact that the pigeons resulting from the F.B.I.B.F known and is exported on a European level,
and also abroad (China, Qatar, Arabia Sauoudite,…) is revealing of a quality fundamental.

arrive at such a level, it doesn't exist a secret.
It is necessary to select, look after the pigeons every day and take care of them like they are our childeren !

Performance - Innovation - Effictiveness - Selection

are our STRONG principles FORTS



Pigeons breed by the F.B.I.B.F for sale

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